All About The Offshore Race Series

For a long time now offshore racing has far and wide been known as a Rich man’s winter sport. This is because of the expenses incurred such as fuel for one to participate. However, that has now changed. New classes have been formed to allow those with ordinary boats compete in this race series. The classes have slight mechanical adjustments. The classes comprise of the catamaran style boats and the V-bottom boats.

Why offshore race series

Offshore team is used to seafaring and most of the time away from their respective areas. The marine series was therefore founded to help them sail to different directions other than the once they are used to every season. The offshore race series was established in the United States with its organizers from the three United States East Coast Coast offshore races. We decided to help you understand all about the offshore race series and here is what we found out.

Premier U.S. offshore race series

The Super Boat International is the oldest marine racing organization in North America. It has its season running from April to November. The races in this series are held in New York, Miami, Sarasota, Michigan City, and Cocoa Beach. It is one of the best offshore race series across the globe.

East Coast Ocean Series

This series was formed as a result of the organizers teaming up. The East Coast Ocean Series binds three offshore occasions collectively to create a general trophy and point standings for sailors who race from Florida up to Newport. The first offshore race series was Fort Lauderdale to Charleston and was held on April 11th, 2015.

The second race of this series was the Ocean Race North series and later in the 35th edition of the Annapolis to Newport Race. The Ocean Race North was created to take boats north after the wintry weather sailing period.

Requirement for participation

Like any other competition, this series too has its requirements for a boat to participate. You too wouldn’t wish something disorganized. The series requires that a boat races in all the three races to qualify for the series. But it is not necessary to have all the sailors on board for all the three. This at least gives the sailors some breathing space. The sailors also have the option of registering for the three races when they register for the Fort Lauderdale to Charleston Race. Registration is free.


No competition is complete without an award. In this series, there is a prize at the end. This includes a final award party and a crown presentation. Top sailors get awards for their efforts. Most of the offshore race series occur during weekends making it easy for the fans to catch the events.

Bottom line

Do you love the offshore race series very much like us here? It a water sport and safety measure should come in the first place if you plan to join the competition. It is, however, an exciting series to watch. You should also not that races are created from time to time, so you can also search for information to keep updated.