How Much Does A Offshore Racing Boat Cost?

An offshore racing boat is a large type of boat that is a specially designed ocean-going powerboat used for off-shore racing. The type of powerboats that are used for offshore racing is probably some of the fastest, most powerful, largest and most dangerous racing machines of all time. The great expense of these boats makes offshore racing expensive sport. Read More

How To Clean A Racing Boat

Racing boats can get dirty easy. After spending time in the water slim, algae, and other debris can build up on the sides and the bottom of the boat. Not only does this look unsightly, it can slow the boat down. These are some ways on how to clean a racing boat in order to keep it looking good and keep up to speed. Read More

How To Drive A Racing Boat

Many individuals who own a racing boat think they know everything about driving. It takes a lot of patience, practice, and time to be a better driver. The best you can do before starting to drive is to learn the skills. It will help you to avoid risking your life. Read More

Fastest Offshore Racing Boats

Offshore racing is a type of race where racers compete using powerboats from one given point to another. The sport as early as the beginning of the 20th century and has steadily grown into one of the world’s most favorite and exciting games. Read More

What Is A Class1 Offshore Powerboat?

The Class 1 offshore powerboat is a special boat that is used in International motorboat racing competitions and is organized by Union Internationale Motonautique organization. It is the best class if offshore powerboat racing all over the world. The class 1 offshore boats are regarded as one of the most contemporary racing sports all over the world. Read More

All About The Offshore Race Series

For a long time now offshore racing has far and wide been known as a Rich man’s winter sport. This is because of the expenses incurred such as fuel for one to participate. However, that has now changed. New classes have been formed to allow those with ordinary boats compete in this race series. The classes have slight mechanical adjustments. The classes comprise of the catamaran style boats and the V-bottom boats. Read More