Famous Offshore Powerboat Races

What is offshore powerboat racing? It is a type of racing that uses powerboats. The race takes place in large water bodies such as oceans. Who finances the sport? Commercial sponsors and private funding finance the championship.

Brief history of offshore powerboat races

The sport started in Great Britain in 1903. The United States, through the American Power Boat Association, organized the first recorded boat race in 1911 in California. The racing sport has gained popularity over the years across various nations globally. Additionally, the sport has seen numerous improvement and entry of new participants.

Here is a list of some of the famous offshore powerboat races. Read on!

The Cowes-Torquay-Cowes

The Cowes-Torquay was Britain’s first offshore powerboat racing sport. It was launched in 1961 by Sir Max Aitken and is the longest-running powerboat championship race globally.

Following the death of Sam Griffith (the American Founder in 1967, the world governing body in charge of power boat racing made some changes to the contest. For one to qualify for the championship, the competition pattern changed. Instead of finishing the race at Torquay, the convoy returns to Cowes. It is a trend that remains to this date.

Other states such as the Middle East and some European countries have introduced the sport. The British Powerboat Racing Club organizes the race. You can also search online for more details about this race.

Round Britain Powerboat Race

The championship has had four runs (1969, 1984, 2008 and 2012) since its launch. The fourth round of the tournament took a different approach. Unlike its predecessors run, the 2012 race saw the contenders completely circumnavigate Britain in the toughest powerboat race globally. Additionally, the event organizers ensured that various safety, maritime and environmental issues were correctly covered. The championship had approximately 50 boats.

B.P Round Britain Powerboat Race

The British Powerboat Racing was established in 2001 after a gala dinner that celebrated the 40th championship of the Cows Torquay Cowes Race. Membership to this club is open to anyone interested in offshore racing. The club members frequently meet for cocktail parties, lunch and attending the annual Cowes-Torquay-Cowes race annually.

Round Britain Powerboat Race (1984 Everest Double Glazing chapter)

This championship bears some resemblance to 1969 version of the Round Britain Powerboat Race. Tim Powell organized the 1984 race. Everest Double Glazing sponsored the event. The event slated for 14th July 1984 attracted renowned racers such as Peter Armstrong and Fabio Buzzi.

The Fiat Powertrain 2008 Round Britain Powerboat Race

In 2006, Mike Lloyd revived the Round Britain Powerboat race. In 2008, Mike and his team organized high-speed voyage starting from the West Coast of Lowesoft and ended in Portsmouth.

The Needles Trophy

The championship was established in 1932.The event ran every until 1938. It took a break in 1951, 1952, 1954 and 1956. It took another break in 1967 and ran inclusively till 1989. Currently, there a few known names that are associated with the championship race. In 2009, the traditional offshore racing returned. There was no winner of the 2010 race. The last race was held in 2012, and Vahid Ganjavian was declared the winner. You can also search online for more details about this race.