Fastest Offshore Racing Boats

Offshore racing is a type of race where racers compete using powerboats from one given point to another. The sport as early as the beginning of the 20th century and has steadily grown into one of the world’s most favorite and exciting games. For you to participate in these races, however, you need to have a good racing boat. In that case, this article is meant to discuss some of the fastest offshore racing boats ever recorded and how far racers have gone in improving their boats so as they can win races during the offshore events. Here are some of the top racing boats that have registered top results in the recent past.

1). the Cigarette Top Gun 39 Open

The Cigarette was introduced several years back and immediately stole the show. It was shaped to clearly bring out the idea of offshore fishing though it wasn’t fishing. That happened to be its major undoing but still the Cigarette is rated amongst the greatest. It steadily evolved and became more open, but it was the classic design that its loyal fans adored a lot. The Cigarette Company did not disappoint. However, they made a new boat that had the same shape but was sportier and had a center console fever.

When the 39 Top Gun was released, it was an instant hit. It can clock up to 74 miles per hour with three times 300hp Mercury Verados. During the actual racing, the driver and his assistant are protected from the sun by a hardtop made of fiberglass. This ensures maximum comfort hence comfortable racing.

2). the invincible 42

The company did research for over a year and came up with a design that they used to make their first boat. Since he was a fisherman, the owner of the boat wanted comfort when fishing so that he could do so with minimal or no unnecessary disturbances. In the end, the invincible 42 was released, and it is now over seven years old. Most racers rate it due to its ability to acquire surprisingly high-level speeds.

3). Deep Impact 399 Executive

This was started in 1998. While other companies were sweating on how to find their way to the business, Deep impact had already established itself. They built sports boats for families. The company valued performance so much that it made their top most selling feature. The Deep Impact is powered by 300hp Mercury veradas and can clock up to 70 miles per hour. The boat was formed to be automatically be noticed with a sloping vertical stripe at the stern. The owner also made a bigger deck area at the near end of the cockpit; this made it more cosmetic and very functional. With these features, the Deep Impact 399 Executive automatically comes in at third place.


Offshore racing attracts interests from most of the country. Therefore, the competition is very high. The boats discussed above are among the finest at the moment, but it doesn’t matter that it will forever be like that. They might end up dropping, and other companies take over, but at the moment, the above three rule the world of offshore racing.