What Is Offshore Powerboat Racing?

Offshore powerboat racing is an organized international sport that is practiced within many parts of the world. This sport is supported by private organization and individuals and commercial sponsors. When powerboat racers compete they usually drive across the ocean from one point to the next within a linear direction. This type of racing is like drag racing, except it takes place on huge body of water.

How is this sport organized?

Powerboat racing is organized into series and there are different groups that govern this sport. Keep in mind that powerboat racing is a dangerous sport. Some of these boats can easily reach speeds of 200 miles per hour or more. So, knowing how to drive and handle these types of boats is very important for racers. Organizations are there to protect racers and to help keep things organized.

There are many different powerboat series which includes UIM Powerboat GPS World Championship, Venture Cup, P1 SuperStock Championship and the UIM Class One World Powerboat Championship. Each series has their own set of requirement and rules for the race and qualification entrances.

There are some powerboat races that are very important such as the Cowes Torquay Cowesfshore, B.P. Round Britain Powerboat Race, Everest Double Glazing (or the Round Britain Powerboat Race) and the Fiat Powertrain 2008 Round Britain Powerboat Race. All racers who race will compete in at least one or all of these different series.

Requirements for Powerboat Racing

People who get involved within this type of activity do so at their own risk. They also must be at least 18 years of age and have learned how to properly handle a powerboat. Keep in mind that minors at least 16 can also compete but they must have their parent’s permission. Individuals must qualify to compete in most races. Racers who compete must ensure that their powerboats meet the requirements and standards set forth by the racing governing body.

Powerboat Racing Classes

Keep in mind that all powerboats are organized in various classes. Each of these different classes are necessary for determining how racers will compete. They are also necessary for defining the types of crafts that can be used for a race.

Runabout and hydroplane are two types of classes that are used for racing. Each of these classes are important for racers. They are commonly used for many different types of races that take place in offshore circuits.

Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsors and supports ensure that races take place and to help fund the activities surrounding these events. Many sponsors and supporters fund racers and their equipment. Keep in mind that racing boats are extremely expensive.

Unless a person has a lot of money for this type of craft and a crew; they are going to need a sponsor to compete. Without a sponsor, most people will not be able to race at all. Many racing watercraft have company brands and logos embellished all over the craft just like a racing car.

Powerboat racing is a great sport that few people enjoy competing in and many enjoy watching this type of competition. Spectators view this sport from shorelines and they are cued into the action by commentators that are able to stay close to the action. This is a great sport that many people enjoy.